Rotterdam Marathon 2021



The NN Marathon Rotterdam is rescheduled to the 10th and 11th of April 2021

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation we decided to reschedule the event.



Intra Europe runs for the Dutch Brain Foundation,


Intra Europe's marathon team will be running the 40th edition of the Rotterdam marathon on April 11, 2021. Additional to having an athletic challenge, the team has a bigger and more important challenge at this running event. 


About one in four Dutch adults suffer from a brain disorder and another 160.000 people will be added every year. Nearly everyone, including our team, knows someone who has been affected by a brain disorder. 


Intra Europe supports and contributes to the Dutch Brain Foundation by running the Rotterdam Marathon on April 5, 2020. Our team will raise funds to support our mission. Cheer them on as they run and support them with a donation to help the Dutch Brain Foundation!


Afterwards, we will share the total amount raised that will be donated to the Dutch Brain Foundation. 


Please transfer your donation at ,


We thank you for your support!





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